It’s About the Protagonist, Part 1

Writing a Graphic Novel using Save the Cat

So, you’re ready to write a comic book, manga, or graphic novel. Great, so tell me who is your protagonist. Who is the story really about?  Your story needs a protagonist, one who the audience will cheer for and cry with. So, how do we go about creating a protagonist like Batman? Or maybe like Luffy from One Piece? Maybe, you don’t know who your protagonist is. Don’t worry, we’re going to cover what makes a great protagonist.

To make the audience care about your protagonist, you must give them problems, wants, and needs. These are crucial for building a protagonist who transforms throughout the story.

I created and wrote Favor of Athena, which I’m publishing through my company Terrio Jenkins  LLC. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from Full Sail University I also possess an Associate of Applied Science degree from Rowan College at Burlington County in graphic design. Character creation is difficult but can be fun. You need to be open to exploring different ways to make your protagonist unique, but similar to other protagonists.

In the next few posts, we will go more into detail about the three elements. First, we will discuss the problems or flaws of your protagonist because no one wants to read about a perfect hero…Yeah, we’re talking about you, Superman. After that, we will talk about the protagonist’s wants and goals, because we need to see their journey. Lastly, we will discuss their needs or the lessons they need to learn.


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